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Platform for AI+Web3 Game Blockchain infrastructure, community and eco-system


Create a multiverse using AI and Blockchain


Build a hyper-realistic world where everyone has individuality and freedom


Integrating Game, AI, and Web3 technologies to deliver unparalleled experiences

MetaY is the next generation of AI platform for games and blockchain

MetaY Game Node,, and SpaceY2025 are the recent projects under MetaY


A Web3 game distribution platform utilizes global servers for AI gaming, providing an efficient platform that turns your GPU into a source of income


A Mars Colonization Sandbox Towerdefense Web3 game

Use AIGC to provide game developers with a fast and cost-effective tool for generating videos

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MetaY Game Node is a DePIN Network enhances AI-generated gaming, designed to enhance your gaming experience through:

Efficient Data Management: we harness a cutting-edge technology to optimize data transmission. Enjoy faster, smoother, and more responsive gaming experiences

Join and Thrive through Staking: Become a pivotal part of our community by staking SPAY. Join to contribute computational power and maintain the network’s robust performance.

Turn Your GPU into a Profit Center: Have idle GPU capacity? You can earn passive income by connecting your unused GPU to our global AI gaming servers.

20231004-164217.png features an AI-powered video generator that
Empower creators to make cost-effective and efficient AI generated CG videos

Everyone can create high-quality CG videos at a low cost

Abstract Background

SpaceY2025 is the world's first 3A web3 game, combining tower defense, sandbox, and open-world gameplay centered on Mars colonization.


Utilizing NFTs, it offers gamers clear property rights and high liquidity. Players can earn rewards in SPAY through competitive missions. Supported on multiple blockchains like ETH, BSC, Aptos, and Polygon.

SpaceY2025 boasts a strong community with over 200K users, 66K token holders, and $8 million in NFT sales. Join and explore the gaming frontier!

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  • MetaY game distribution platform

  • Avatar NFT

  • Redesign SPAY Tokenomics

  • AIGC

  • Game Nodes

  • Phase 1 Mining

  • Game Nodes

  • Phase 2 Dividend

  • Game Nodes

  • Phase 3 POW+TIME



  • PC version

  • Major game milestone

  • Sandbox map editor.

  • New Mobile project




2024 Q1

2024 Q2

  • Release

2024 Q3-Q4

  • TD Sheep release


The Team

Strategy partners

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